Rules for Activity
Rules for Getting Free Gift in Our Activity:
1. From 00:00:00 July 19 to 23:59:59 July 20 ,2019(UTC-4), customers who place orders in our website ( and single order reaches the specified amount have chance to get free gift
2. When your single order reaches the Full-Off conditions, we will sort on the basis of actually paid of each single amount. If the actual paid amounts for single order are the same, we’ll sort based on the actual time that you pay the order.
3. If the order amount and order time are the same during the activity, the order number is beyond the gift number, the system will choose the winner randomly.
4. If you return or refund, the winning qualification will be canceled.
5. We need time for the order statistics, please be patient to wait the winning list announcement
6. The TVCMALL reserves the right to the final interpretation regarding this Notice.
Intelligent Wearable
Bluetooth Speaker
Phone Case
Bluetooth Headsets
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* Coupons are available for non-discounted items only.
* Coupons are available for logged-in users only.
* Each coupon can be used only once for each customer.
The order amount
above 699 dollars
The order amount
above 399 dollars
The order amount
above 299 dollars
The order amount
above 69 dollars
Rules for Activity